MPOST: Electronic distribution channel for added value services specialized in various segments operators, targeted to consumers via retailers.

MPOST proposes open standard and interoperability platform in order to provide a universal service diffusion system. The offered services are focus on the primary benefits of the consumer,retailer, and the service providers an answer to: proximity, quickness, flexibility and convenience needs.

I'm a service provider looking for new ways of distribution to make my services smart, and easy to sale. A customization for the sales strategy and real time control. My services was never that near to my consumers.

I'm a retailer Looking for a smart way to increase my turnover, and grow my clients' portfolio, by attracting them with new daily needed services easy to implement without investment.

I'm a customer looking for new ways to make easy my daily needed services perchasing. I want the services nearby, quick and convenient. MPOST offers a fidelity program through MYMPOST card that can make you win many many gifts.

want to be an MPOST Franchisee? have a look...

1- What can be sold through MPOST?

Telecom:Sell your service throughUniMob for mobile quick top up in both ways: e-topup and e-vouchers. Available for domestic, and international mobile operators.

Vouchers service: Sell your services based on Pin code reloading through universal platform.

International Money transfer: Sell your services through mci platform. You will handle all transactions coming from all MPOST agents with a full identity control.

m-Payments: if you are a mobile payment operator, mce (mobile cash exchange), is a neutral platform handle the mobile payments collecting and a tool for mobile wallet reloading (cash in).

Voucher credit card: If you operate as an electronic payment actor, m-epay is a dedicated platform for credit card vouchers sale.

Smart card top up service:To reload the services for your customers access with Smart Card, or reload services on it, SMARTY is the platform to handle to handle it.

Bill payments: uniPay is a platform where you can implement all your customer bills regarding less the type of service.

2- What are my added values using the MPOST channel?
MPOST proposes an open standard and interoperability platform in order to provide a universal service diffusion system. The offered services focus on the primary benefits of the consumer,retailer, and the service providers an answer to: proximity, quickness, flexibility and convenience needs. - A new channel and not a competitor one. - New ways of distribution full electronic. - Quick and easy ways to update your products partially or fully in the MPOST network. - Unlimited stock available for the retailers. - Dematerialization of the sale process. - A free unified marketing program. - Full control on line, real time, and geo-sales tracking of your products.

1- What I can sale thru MPOST?

UniMob: Quick reload thru an unified mobile top up solution for all mobile operators national based and international. Each operator taylors its offer for all top up standard categories and customized top-up. the service offers both e-voucher and e-top up unified solution. Its is Instantaneous, and transparent.

Universal: Service based on voucher (PIN Codes) Solution. Unified Voucher based service solution for all type of service providers, national based and transnational top up service. Each operator taylors its offer for all top up categories. Hot Spot, long distance calling cards...are some of the services offered thru MPOST.

M-TICKET: Real time sales service for cultural, sport, movie and other events thru MPOST using barcode tickets, and m-TICKET SMS-based ticketing system.

mci: International money transfer with full Dematerialisation of process thru the electronic signature offered thru MPOST.

mce: Mobile to mobile local m-payment service. MPOST accepts mobile payments, and allow mobile wallet reloading .

m-epay: service to facilitate and secure Internet payments for fixed amount e-purchase credit card payment (Voucher credit card) Accrued security – one code per transaction. Internet purchases accessible now to your customers without being a credit card holder or for those who wish not to divulgate their card number. Bank account not requested!

SMARTY: Reload service for smartcards pre-paid services. An increasing number of services are and will be pre-paid through smartcards (public transport, utilities, parking, Energy, PayTv …)

uniPay: bill payment service at MPOST terminals, and bank payment facility (Visa, Master Card, Maestro, dinner Club…)

2- What are the advantages being an MPOST agent?


- One Budget for all services thru the MPOST pre-paid garanty.
- One Budget for an illimited stock. all services with their full categories are availaible.
- One web acces to control on line and in real time all your MPOST business, by shop, by terminal, by user, by product...

1- What I can buy from an MPOST shop?

- You will be able to buy a quick mobile reload, or reload another person mobile in domestic or abroad.
- You will be able to buy a voucher to access to special services like hot Spot, and long distance call…and much more.
- You will be able to buy your cinema, events… and much more tickets in any MPOST shop. No harm, no queue.
- You will be able to make easy money transfer to your family abroad instantly at low cost and without any administrative hassle.
- You will be able to make mobile payments and reload your mobile wallet in any MPOST shop.
- You will be able to buy a credit card voucher without needing a bank account for your e-shopping.
- You will be able to reload your smart cards for transport service; prepay energy, paytv, and so much more.
- You will be able to pay easily your bills at your best convenient day and night and in the nearest MPOST shop.

2- What I gain buying services from MPOST shop?


- Your daily needed services were never that near and convenient to you.
- Your services were never grouped in one point.
- Thru the offered fidelity program, for each Euro you cumulate points in your Fidelio card. At any time, you can get for free one the MPOST services, or choose one of MPOST interesting gifts.

MPOST offers 2 franchise programs. An integrated one, or a full dedicated one. The first one is suitable to supermarkets, convenient shops, night shops, libraries…
The second one is suitable for ethnic areas where money transfer can reach over 50 transactions daily. Our marketing management will have a pleasure to advise you for free the best option for your case thru a study that we launch in your area and get your shop specifications.

Light franchise:
This type of franchise is a quick and ready solution. it offers all needed material to be integrated inside an existing activity. It containes:
1- Terminal MPOST last generation: GSM - WIFI - GPRS - Bluetooth – Touuch screen - Magnetic card reader - Smart Card reader - Bank card payments - Bar code reader- Camera.
2- MPOST license.
2- Outside signal.
3- LCD screen to advertize on the MOST services, promotions, and customized advertisement of your shop.
4- Marketing materiel such as flyers, sticks, pens...
5- Two access card for the employees to keep track of all transactions.
6- Training

Full franchise
This formula is a full dedicated MPOST franchised shop. It’s targeted to shops that have a potential to generate more that 50 International money transfer daily. The cost of such option is calculated a case by case. Our management will have a pleasure to meet you and give the best advice. Feel free to contact us.

Are you involved in a distribution business and you are willing to grow it strongly, and set-up an electronic distribution channel, Cartomat SA offers an end to end turn key solution.
Cartomat offers MPOST Main platform to connect multi-operators of your choice or/and the one you already deal with them, and sale those services through the MPOST terminals installed in the retailers shop or you network.
A very detailed view of the business is given on line and real time. Lot of management tools are offered. Please feel free; to fill the form for more details, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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