MPOST is a CARTOMAT SA product. The idea was launched on 2004 to promote the m-Business, and prepare for the market m-payment emergence. MPOST is a real partner for the m-payment education as it is a cash in, cash out, and reload mobile wallet facility.
MPOST was think to be a neutral platform for all service providers, and help to dematerialize the sales process and the administrative issue for the international money transfer.
MPOST is designed on a flexible way to be portable to different platforms and hardware. It can be adapted to many sales process situations.

Are you involved in a distribution business and you are willing to grow it strongly and organize it better, Cartomat SA can be your partner thru MPOST facility. Cartomat settled a Master franchise program to give you the best solution for your business case thru a two packages, where the first one is including your market study, business model to implement, and a business plan. The second package includes the MPOST platform, and the technical expertise for such implementation in a distribution network.
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